We strive to ensure that our clinic is at the forefront of dental technology where it matters – not in a ‘swanky’ waiting room or in custom fittings, but where it truly makes the most impact for you – the patient – and that is in the technology which allows us to provide the best practice in dental treatment.

Planmeca, established in 1971, is a Finnish manufacturer of high-tech dental team, 3D digital imaging devices and software.

  • The finest quality dental units direct from Finland.
  • Fully integrated state-of-the-art electronics controlling every function.
  • Ergonomic design for perfect harmony between dentist and patient.
  • Maximum patient comfort.
  • Proven Planmecca hygiene concept. Modern multimedia integration.
  • Filtered waterlines & backflow prevention.
  • Aesthetic, hygienic and well rounded design.

DAC Professional Autoclave

DAC PROFESSIONAL is an autoclave which satisfies the most demanding medical requirements.

The DAC PROFESSIONAL is classified according to Class B of the EN 13060 European norm for small sterilizers.

This classification corresponds to the demanding requirements of large sterilizers in hospitals that work with 3-fold fractioned prevacuum steps to ensure complete steam penetration of difficult sterilization items.

  • Complies with the most stringent hygiene norms (prEN 13060-1 /-2)
  • Optimal Sterilisation for maximum safety

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Lisa W&H Autoclave

In addition to the DAC Professional Autoclave we also use two Lisa 500 autoclaves from W& H. These reliable Class-B autoclaves provide safe sterilization for our surgical instruments.