The Myobrace System is a no-braces approach to straightening your teeth and jaws.


Myofunctional therapy can be used as an early intervention method for young children in order to minimise the need for more extensive treatment such as arch expansion or braces later on.

If the child has a more severe crowding pattern or is of an older age, Myofunctional therapy can also be used in conjunction with arch expansion to enhance the effectiveness during treatment and ensure stable results after treatment.

Modern research has shown that crowded teeth, incorrect jaw development and other orthodontic problems are not caused by big teeth in small jaws or hereditary factors. Mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking (known as incorrect myofunctional habits) are the real causes. Bottle feeding, thumb sucking, and dummies during the early stages of a child’s life can also contribute to the problem.

Allergies, asthma and an open mouth posture also contribute to incorrect jaw development. A soft diet from an early age can also contribute to myofunctional problems as can our modern diet of processed and refined foods.

The Treatment Process
Your first consultation is where you will be told about the Myobrace treatment process. We will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the treatment. Once you understand this process and are ready to proceed, records will be taken to properly assess your needs.

These records may include photographs, study molds and xrays to diagnose your case.

Once orthodontic records have been taken, we will discuss the treatment plan we have specifically prepared for you. We will explain the Myobrace appliance required and confirm final treatment cost.

If you decided to proceed with the Myobrace treatment we will issue you with your appliance at the next appointment and we will commence your education program with your myofunctional exercises.

To achieve the best results it is essential that you wear your Myobrace appliance each day and attend regular check-ups with us and ensure that you follow each of the steps outlined for you in your treatment plan.

With Myobrace, we treat to a 24 month time period. After the 24 months we reevaluate your teeth and jaw to see if more Myobrace treatment is needed, if moving onto fixed braces treatment is necessary or if treatment is completed.


Myobrace for Children
The optimal treatment age using the Myobrace system is from six to ten years of age, when the child is still developing. Treatment works best when combined with arch development appliances (arch expanders) if necessary.

Modern research has shown that mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking (also known as incorrect myofunctional habits) are the real causes of incorrect jaw development, crowded teeth and other orthodontic problems.
Treating and correcting these poor myofunctional habits is highly important as research shows the position of the teeth is determined by the lips and tongue.

Myobrace for Kids™ targets the underlying causes of crooked teeth as soon as the problems are evident, while the child’s biological adaptability is at their peak. Improving these poor myofunctional habits at an early age allows for the child to have good dental alignment and improved jaw growth.

Myobrace for Teens
Once the permanent teeth are present in the teenage years, the Myobrace system becomes less effective than if treatment was started during childhood. Treatment with the Myobrace system can still work at this age when combined with arch expansion.

The longer you’ve had poor myofunctional habits, the more difficult they are to correct.
Old habits die hard, and so the sooner treatment is started the better the results may be. Additional alignment with braces may be required.

The Myobrace for Teens™ is a no-braces alternative to straightening teeth. Treatment involves using a series of removable orthodontic appliances combined with daily exercises to train the oral muscles and produce straighter teeth and a healthier smile.

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