Want to score a $50 voucher?


At White Smile Dental we are introducing our own Client Referral Programme.

And it’s incredibly simple!

For any person you refer to us and they attend an appointment with us, you will receive a $50 voucher* This can be used towards your next dental consultation and/or treatment.  It’s our way of acknowledging your great support to our business.


And you’re not just limited to one voucher.  The more you refer, the more you can benefit.

At White Smile Dental we’re proud of our business.  We believe we offer exceptional service, and we would like others to benefit from our great cosmetic and general dentistry services.


So what do you need to do?

Simply refer us to any potential colleague, family member or friend.  When they make an appointment ask them to tell us that you referred them. After their appointment, we will send you a $50 White Smile Dental voucher…along with our great thanks.

The voucher/s can be used as part payment at your next appointment; each voucher will expire 12-months from date of issue.

It’s that easy!


*Terms and Conditions

  • The $50 voucher cannot be combined with any other White Smile Dental offer.
  • We will send the $50 voucher/s after your referal has booked and attenede their first appoinment at White Smile Dental
  • The $50 voucher/s will not be applied retrospectively by White Smile Dental.