We love to be green, in fact, our entire team is passionate about our carbon footprint, especially given recent climate change issues. We have carefully chosen ways we can reduce the impact of treatment in a way that helps protect the environment for you and your family. Specifically we have focussed on:

Cleaner water: In 2009 we installed CMA Ecocyle Mercury Filtration systems on all our chairs, a globally recognized system, it helps us stop 99% of all amalgam waste going in to our sewer systems.

Saving Energy: We use only energy saving lights and five-star energy rated electronic equipment. We also use recyclable paper for our appointment cards and stationary. Additionally a majority of our office work is carried out electronically so as to reduce our paper consumption.

We try to combine our passion for innovation with our concern for the environment by making use of technologies like our digital X-Ray machine. This way there are no waste product that need to be disposed of after use, as all the results are available electronically. At the same time, it provides us technologically advanced methods to aid your treatment.